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Some Condominiums are Hiding a Dirty Little Secret Condominiums and land subdivisions are both ways that people own real property, but the laws governing the way a person takes ownership are very different and there are oftentimes hidden legal defects of ownership of which many condominium owners are... Read More

Real Estate Wholesale Flipping, New Name but the Same Game There are a number of new seminars that are being offered that teach people about "Wholesale” closings where they say, "you can make tons of money in real estate and you don't even have to use one penny of your own money!" Can it be done? Yes. Is it ... Read More

Realtor Training Academy Schedule We have new trainings scheduled! Read More

Announcing Our New Training Classes Especially for Realtors! We've developed two lines of Realtor Training Classes: 1) Realtor Expert Academy and 2) Realtor Marketing Academy. Both are designed to help Realtors differentiate themselves from the pack and gain more clients! Read More

A Star Is Born We are beginning a series of videos that will be posted to YouTube, that will help the buyer, seller, realtor and lender, understand the real estate closing process. Check out our video about "The Contract". The Contract explains the meaning of the... Read More

Please be Careful! Wire Fraud is on the Uptick Realtors, Buyers, Sellers, Borrowers and Lenders, please be diligent in verifying our wire instructions! Wire Fraud is in full force and the fraudsters are targeting real estate transactions. Downtown Title Services was recently targeted but luckil... Read More

Tenants by the Entirety/JTWRS/Co-Tenants - What are these crazy terms?? A few years ago I was holding a meeting with employees and discussing the standard documents that the office would be using for each closing. When were are discussing deeds, I stated that I wanted the deed to include the marital status of the Grante... Read More

Realtor Education Breakfast Downtown Title Services is sponsoring a Realtor Education Breakfast at our office at 236 S. Woodland Boulevard, May 3rd at 10:00 AM. Learn how to become a Pro at Contracts and Closings. Please RSVP early - space is limited. Read More

Meet Our Downtown Title Angels! We've known that they were special, so now it's time for you to meet the Downtown Title Angels, Samantha Lutz and Christina Brown Read More

Office Space for Lease The entire upstairs office space at 236 S. Woodland Boulevard is for lease Read More

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